Marie Kennedy

Marie Kennedy


Happy New Club Year!  We have so much to reflect on as we think about the club year that has passed and look to the future of this club year.  Despite the pandemic, our club has endured and remains committed to our mission to empower women and girls through education in our local communities and globally.  We reached out and gave a financial hand up to 3 very deserving women who were struggling to complete their education so that they could make life better for themselves and their families.  And we recognized a very deserving high school senior girl who bears watching in the future as an emerging leader.  All while meeting virtually, thinking outside the box and supporting each other.  Such is the power of a group of dedicated and determined women, just like the forward-thinking women who started the first Soroptimist club 100 years ago in October of 1921.

Thank you for your confidence in your incoming board and for your commitment to the women and girls here in Martin County and throughout the world.  You are part of a team that is truly making a difference, every day, because of the work that you have done and will do in the future.

In Soroptimist Friendship,