Chair – Marney McKee

Soroptimist Orientation Leadership Training

(S.O.L.T.) Chair – Mary-Jo Horton


Chair – Gigi Suntum

International Projects

Chair – Mary-Jo Horton

Partnering with World Vision, SIS is supporting three girls in Peru, Ghana and Armenia by providing a safe home and educational opportunities.  We partnered with Shared Hope to build and continue to support a home in Negril, Jamaica for women who are victims of human trafficking.  The home provides the opportunity to learn a trade in order to become independent and self-supporting.  We also supported a Shared Hope visit of four young adults from Nepal who are children on human trafficking victims in order to tell their story and raise awareness of human trafficking.  We were one of five locations in the US. that they visited.

Women In Need (WIN)

Chair – Gigi Suntum

SIS receives numerous request for specific, difficult to fund situations.  For example, we fulfilled the request of two young, new mothers who had given birth and completed high school to return to their home.  We also assisted with funding for a group of women in Indiantown for training in sewing arts, culinary arts, and secretarial services.  We have raised funds to build a home locally for victims of human trafficking. SIS conducts frequent drives to secure personal items and clothing for women in transition from addiction and women who are victims of human trafficking.  Partnering with Safe Space, SIS members also conduct “table talks” for women who are the victims of abuse on topics such as finance, interviewing, resume writing, and finding and securing housing. In addition this year we plan on helping women in need to continue their education.

Dream It Be It – Chair – Terri Pettengill

“The Dream it Be it”  program can help girls plan their future. They are given career and education resources. Girls learn about career opportunities, setting and achieving goals, overcoming obstacles to success and moving on after setbacks.

Fundraising - WOD

The Women of Distinction Event besides recognizing outstanding women in our community also raises funds to run our programs.

Chair – Jeanine Webster

Co-Chairs – Amy Duffett Chappel,

Sherry Douds

Public Awareness

Media Chair – Nidia Bernstiel

This Committee manages the Website and Facebook Page and other media coverage.

Directory – Terri Pettingill

This committee is responsible for the membership information (Directory).


Chair – Nidia Bernstiel

This committee seeks deserving women in need to help them

further their education.

Laws and Resolutions

Chair – Jody Bond

Finance Committee

Chair – Joanne Zarro


Chair – Lucy Lueg