Women of Distinction

A Women of Distinction nominee is a woman who:

    • Demonstrates high ethical standards personally
    • Is a recognized role model
    • Has a strong sense of community responsibility
  • Is outstanding in her contributions within Martin County

Categories for Nomination

Business Professional

A woman who is self-employed or employed by a for-profit business. She is recognized for her outstanding contributions to her industry and significant contributions to the community through her profession.

Civic Professional

A woman who is employed by a nonprofit or community organization funded by municipal, county, state or federal grants or public donations. Her contributions to the community take place within this area.


A woman who demonstrates a continuing commitment to her community through unpaid volunteer services.

Rising Star

A young woman of high school age who demonstrates an outstanding commitment to her community with fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm.

We are delighted to announce the following winners of the Women of Distinction Awards for 2020.

                Business / Professional : Linda L. Weiksnar

              Civic / Professional : Jamie Herd-Tesson

                Volunteer : Dr. Marie Jureit-Beamish

                Rising Star : Abbie Nauss